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  Quartz - Window Crystal
When you hear the term "window crystal" it usually refers to a quartz crystal configuration that displays an extra facet (in addition to the normal six termination facets), shaped as a perfect diamond.

Learn the art of Mastering Crystals and you will learn the art of Mastering Self
Crystal MeditationCrystal Meditation             

Link into one of the main termination facets to establish your third-eye connection.

Crystals will help put the pieces together, if that's what you are looking for... Crystals are a major component to what holds the manifest Universe together. Crystals store blueprint memory patterns in check so that material substance adheres and is held stable. Crystals transmit data within the Universal structure so that what is asked for can be relayed and immediately given. Crystals are a store-hold of information, libraries of infinite data.
 One way to achieve a meditative state is by tuning into a crystal.  Feel the Buzz
Hold a crystal positioned in front of your brow like depicted in the picture above. Move the crystal closer or further away from your brow, maybe change the angle of how the crystal is positioned, rotate the crystal a little to the left or a little to the right. It does not matter how large or small your crystal is; what does matter is that a correct angel be established between your mind and one of the main facets (flat surface) located on the termination (the point) of your crystal. Here's the important part... When you feel a buzz or tingling sensation (anything different from your normal feeling self) you have established a connection; you are
tuned-in to your crystal.

Pictured above is a "Herkimer Diamond", quartz crystal.
(my first crystal)

     "Key Quartz Crystal" The crystal above is a very clear smokey quartz crystal with phantom shadows on the in-side of the crystal body. The "Key" on this crystal, crosses between the side and termination facet (very unique)! Place the tip of a finger inside the depression of any key to directly access the crystal.

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